无锡听元岩综合企业网是由中国北方人才市场组建并控股,专业从事人力资源开发和管理咨询服务,并在中、高级人才访寻和猎头服务领域独树一帜,我们秉承现代管理经营理念,按照国际通行的方式运作,以专业化的操作和职业化的精神,向客户提供高效的人事人才服务。此外,我们依托学术团体和专业机构的支持,由人力资源管理顾问专家、教授学者、人力资源经理组成阵容强大的技术支持队伍,由深谙法律规定的人士组成政策咨询队伍,能够充分满足客户不同层次的需求。 公司拥有高质量的中、高级人才库,与各行业优秀人才保持着密切的联系。 高素质的顾问团队,广泛的合作空间,专业的人员队伍,规范的业务流程,高效优质的服务。 凭借先进的人才派遣理念,成熟高效的标准化服务体系,协助客户将有限的资源专注于自身核心竞争力的开发,轻松应对繁杂的劳动人事事务,支持客户实现远大的战略构想。 我们的服务领域: 北方猎头------资深的猎头服务和中、高级人才服务 专业的人力资源管理顾问咨询 系统的人才派遣服务 全面的人力资源业务代理 毕业生就业代理服务 Introduction to Tianjin Northern Human Resources Consulting Co., Ltd (TNHR) Tianjin Northern Human Resources Consulting Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as TNHR), established by China Tianjin Northern Human Resources Market which is also the share holder, specializes in human resources development and management consulting services. At present TNHR has been becoming tremendously outstanding in terms of finding and recommending medium and senior intellectuals to so many enterprises, enjoying high reputation in this field. Since the foundation of TNHR we have all along maintained the idea that any of our implementation in human resources must be in accordance with the international norms and standards in order that we can provide high quality services to our customers with high efficiency in the spirit of profession and devotion by the agency of the strong support from many experts, consultants and other elites in HR management field. After years of efforts TNHR has created series of medium and senior intellectuals banks and established good relations with most of them step by step. The cooperation between TNHR and many other enterprises and organizations is fruitful,nearly all of which once asked us to provide the services concerning either to human resource management or to head hunting services think it worthwhile and effective. All in all, with all those positive factors mentioned above plus our professional techniques we are confident in becoming superior over our competitors and capable to meet any challenging demands and requirements from our customers. The scope of our services is as follows: Head hunting services------finding and recommending high level intellectuals for all kinds of enterprises and organizations. Providing HR management & consulting with quality skills Systematically dispatching and leasing intellectuals All round HR agency Providing job-finding services for graduate students from Higher learning school 电话:(022)28013671、28013675、28013676、28013683、28013685 传真:(022)28013669、28013673 展开 公司地址:天津市河西区友谊北路29号 No.29Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tinjin P.R China (邮编:300204) 地图
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